This week’s Song Demo and Preset Playthrough Virtual Guitar…
October 28, 2020
This week on our Audio Plugin Song Demo and Preset Playthrou…
November 11, 2020

This Friday’s Weekly Score October 30, 2020
Virtual Guitarist Sparkle by UJAM only @ €39.00:

Horror Bundle by Sampletraxx only @: $49.99:

Piano Pioneers Bundle by RealSamples only @: $19.99:

Mystical Halloween Bundle by WA Productions only @ $9.90:

Last Minute call on Deals:
Morphestra 2 Re-launched by Sample Logic only @ $89.99:
Nordisk Kontrabass by Have Instruments only @ €59.00 :
Celestial Voices Calypso by Auddict only @ $39.99:

Latest Song Demo & Preset Playthrough:
Virtual Guitarist Sparkle by UJAM:

Latest Versus Jam… More

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