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April 25, 2019
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May 9, 2019

Original Song of the Month – About Yesterday – Jong Uy
Starting this Month of May, I will share at least one of my original songs every month, composed throughout these years.
By the way I don’t sing, but my guitar will.

This month, will share you a Song called “About Yesterday” the song is about the past, happy and sad, when you remember them, makes you smile and sometimes makes you cry.

“About Yesterday”- Jong Uy
All Instruments played by Jong Uy
Guitar: Fender Strat American Professional Series
Gadgets: ICE 9 overdrive, H9 Eventide, TC Electronic Triple Delay, Marshall MG Series Amp,
Recorded at F1 Studios
Composed by Jong Uy on September, 2018

[fb_vid autoplay= “true” id=”photo_id”:”2095779280542451″”][fb_vid autoplay= “true” id=”2095779280542451″]